Meet Our October 2019 Prose Editorial Team

We are doing things differently for the October 2019 issue.

Alison Turner, one of our associate editors since the beginning, is heading a special section of prose titled “Invisible Labor.” This section will have its own category on Submittable for submissions and will be open only during the month of May.

Alison says:

“Despite flares of popularity in shows like Dirty Jobs (which, full disclosure, I have never seen), many of us couldn’t name the job titles of half of the work necessary to keep our society running, let alone what it might be like to do that work. How does the invisibility of labor occurring all around us affect how we view the world? This special section seeks prose that makes visible the work that is often overlooked. Please submit flash fiction, short stories, creative nonfiction, and hybrid pieces up to 4,000 words. Whether it’s odd (as in, unusual) jobs, secret or illicit jobs, jobs done in the dead of night, work performed by those whom society overlooks, labor that dominant voices do not perceive as work or… you tell us what we’re missing and why it matters.

Submissions open in May only in honor of International Workers’ Day and will be limited to 100. (Writing need not be politically affiliated, inspired, or directed, despite political histories of May Day). Submissions may re-open upon editor’s discretion.

Alison Turner
Alison Turner

Alison Turner was born in the mountains of Colorado, where she learned to spend large amounts of time outside. She has an MFA in fiction from Bennington College and is a PhD candidate in Literary Studies at the University of Denver. When she travels, she insists on visiting public libraries.

Submissions of Creative Nonfiction and Fiction will be open April 30th through July 15th.

DW McKinney has taken over as the Creative Nonfiction Editor! She has been helping us as an associate editor over the past year.

DW says:

“Submissions can be intellectual, humorous, personal, or anything else you can imagine, but they must be well-crafted beyond the first draft. I want to be knocked over by different perspectives on the usual topics, to be taught something new, and left thinking about your nonfiction for days afterward. But make every word count.”

DW McKinney
DW McKinney

DW McKinney is a roaming Californian who now lives in Nevada. She is the 2018 Hellebore Scholarship Award Honoree in Creative Nonfiction for her essay “Bitter Grief.” Her essays have appeared in StoneboatTAYO Literary MagazineCagibiThe Hellebore, and elsewhere. She has bylines in HelloGiggles and Elite Daily. DW also holds degrees in Biology and Anthropology and has previously taught English as a Second Language.

Emily Huso will be spearheading the Fiction department! Emily has been an assistant editor here for a few years now. This means she is in charge of all regular fiction submissions and will be developing her own section of Fiction.

Emily Huso
Emily Huso

Emily Huso is pursuing her MA in English with a creative writing emphasis at California State University, Chico. She was a participant in AWP’s spring 2017 Writer-to-Writer Mentorship program. When she isn’t working on her latest story, she enjoys freelance copywriting, coffee dates with friends, and, of course, reading.

Tillie Olsen Short Story Award open for submissions until May 30th.

Jennifer Porter, the prose editor from the beginning, will be editing the Tillie Olsen Short Story Award section, choosing which twenty semi-finalists to send to the final judge, Valerie Fioravanti, and choosing from all entries any she wishes to publish and being the hands-off managing editor for all these talented women who’ve stepped up to the plate.

Always read and follow our guidelines and submit through Submittable.