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Judith Ellison The Tishman Review has asked Judith for a short bio. She thinks it’s almost like writing her own obituary but she’s not ready to do that yet; although she has picked out the picture. Judith was born during World War II and is experiencing modern aging by charging ahead to the next challenge in a short five year retirement from these many experiences: Administrative Law Judge; Medical Malpractice attorney; Registered Nurse; mother and wife. She is honored to support the highest literary standards of The Tishman Review.



Catherine Weber is an award-winning poet and artist who works with encaustic, photography, paper, and textiles. She was raised in upstate New York, Indiana, and Connecticut and now lives in central Massachusetts. She holds a BA in Communications from Emerson College and an MA in Critical and Creative Thinking from the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

In 2006, she won first prize in the Worcester Poetry Contest for her poem Still Life Without Pear, and shortly thereafter won third prize in the Annual Clinton Artist’s Guild Juried show in Clinton, Connecticut, for her painting by the same name. She has workshopped her poems with poet Susan Donnelly of Cambridge, MA, and with Nancy Aronie at the Chilmark Writing Workshop on Martha’s Vineyard. She regularly performs poems and short stories at Wake Up and Smell the Poetry in Hopkinton, MA.

In her spare time, she earns a living as Director of Marketing at Skinner Auction House and enjoys being wife of Paul, and mother of a teenaged son, Ben, and golden retriever, Lucy.


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