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Best Gifts for Parkinson’s Patients on Amazon

A creative and thoughtful present is the best option to consider when you are buying a gift for your loved ones who are diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Most of them longed for human touch and communication so you should really consider these best gifts for Parkinson’s Patients on Amazon that will definitely put a smile on their face and most importantly, make their lives easier.

If you are having difficulties deciding which present are most suitable for them, we have listed the top 10 best creative and thoughtful present for Parkinson’s Patients on Amazon who may have different needs.

1. A Must Have Gift Set For Every Parkinson’s Patient.

must-have gift for parkinson's patient
weighted utensils

Gifts for Parkinson's Patients

You absolutely have to start with a gift set that is a must-have for every Parkinson’s patient. Everyday activities such as eating, writing, and reading can be difficult for them, but there are tools that you can buy as a set that can solve their problems. Having this gift set will benefit them tremendously because the products are intentionally made for people with Parkinson’s disease. 

The weighted utensils gift box for elderly will reduce the effects of their tremors and prevent their hand from shaking so that their hand can be firmer when they are holding their food. They will surely love this as a gift since this tool will make them even more confident to eat their food in front of their friends and family. 

The weighted pen will help them make their writing more legible because it increases control over the pen. This is great for Parkinson’s patients who love writing letters and drawing pictures.  What’s more, this set includes two (2) blue ink and two (2) black ink. 

Parkinson’s patients who love reading books will be delighted with the page holder included in the gift set because it can help them hold the pages of their book to make reading an easier experience. 

This gift set contains:

  • four (4) weighted utensils 
  • four (4) weighted pens.
  • one (1) wooden book page holder 
    for the price of $43 only on amazon. 

2. Gifts for Parkinson’s Patients who are Hygienic.

Everyone needs dental care to prevent cavities and mouth disease, but for Parkinson’s patients brushing their teeth can be burdensome. You can consider giving them a smart toothbrush as a thoughtful gift

Gifts for Parkinson's Patients

The AquaSonic electric toothbrush provides complete oral care with two distinct modes: one for whitening and polishing their teeth and one for optimizing gum hygiene. You can be sure that this is safe as a gift because the American Dental Association gave a seal approval for this premium product meaning they recommend it as a safe smart toothbrush even for those with Parkinson’s disease. 

The box includes:

  • one (1) AquaSonic Black Series Smart Toothbrush 
  • one (1) wireless charging base
  • eight (8) brush heads
  • one (1) travel case
  • instruction and support contact manual

You can buy this for a price of $36.95 on amazon.

3. For those who want Quality Time with Family and Friends.

Gifts for Parkinson's Patients

A smart tablet has a lot of things to offer particularly for communicating with your loved ones. Because of the pandemic, they are more constrained to limited places. Parkinson’s patients have families and friends that they miss greatly, and giving them a smart tablet can be a lifesaver from their longing.

Your gift must offer important features such as wireless charging, a big display screen, and a voice-activated assistant because they are essentially helpful to Parkinson’s patients. We recommend Fire HD 8 Plus since it is voice-activated and can be switched to Show Mode in the dock allowing them to use it hands-free with Alexa. On top of that, Alexa can help them play videos, open apps, call someone, and control compatible smart home devices without unnecessary movements.

Take note that you have to make sure that when you give them a smart tablet, they are properly guided and informed of these features. Spend quality time with them by teaching them how to be an instant techie-gurus. Get them a Netflix subscription as well. They will love it. 

You can find this tablet on amazon for $139.99.

4. For stylish and health-conscious.

Gifts for Parkinson's Patients

Buying an innovative smartwatch as a gift is suitable for your stylish and health-conscious loved ones. Not only can it be worn as a watch, but it can also track and monitor their health.

We have chosen Willful Smartwatch since it is currently the best seller smartwatch on amazon which is designed to be waterproof. A waterproof smartwatch is convenient for Parkinson’s patients since they do not have to worry about taking it off every time they go for a bath. The best thing is, it only costs $28.79 on amazon!

5. For those who love massages. 

Gifts for Parkinson's Patients

A massage is a delight for persons with Parkinson’s disease. They will be more than grateful for this unique and thoughtful gift.  

We recommend Renpho Neck and Back Massage Chair for the quality and it is equipped with soothing heat & seat vibration that applies the right amounts of pressure and heat into their neck and back. It helps their muscles to be relaxed and free from any tensions and pains. You can buy this for $149.99 on amazon.

6. For Spa-lover.

Gifts for Parkinson's Patients

If they already have a massage chair, you can give them a foot spa massager instead. A foot spa massager is timely and more preferable than an unhygienic foot massager machine. The heated water helps to cleanse any impurities on their feet and produces a feeling of warmth and comfort that can help them sleep better. 

They can also put on an Epsom salt bath or detoxification products to draw out harmful toxins from their body.

The Foot Spa Massager has the following functions:

  • Heating Function.
  • Bubble Function.
  • Automatic Massage Rollers.

You can buy this for $51.99 on amazon.

7. Gifts For Parkinson’s Patients who are Sensitive to Cold and Suffer from Anxiety.

Gifts for Parkinson's Patients

Weighted blankets are claimed to provide a sensation of being embraced. For Parkinson’s patients, a weighted and comfortable blanket may reduce feelings of isolation and anxiety because of the blanket’s deep stimulation that causes a calming experience.

This is also one of great gifts for Parkinson’s Patients who are having trouble with their sleeping. 

Order the right weighted blanket for your loved ones at amazon for $26.99. You may refer to the image below to find the right size and weight of the blanket. 

Gifts for Parkinson's Patients

8. A Unique and Creative Gifts for Parkinson’s Patients.

Gifts for Parkinson's Patients

You may want to give them a gift that may allow them to forget about their disease once in a while. It is great to be practical and mindful, but a gift must also be special and beautiful. 

Parkinson’s patients may have difficulties with their daily tasks, so you need to encourage them to continue fighting by enlightening their life. You may give them a luminous lamp with changeable colors that can also serve as a diffuser and humidifier. Most women would love this because it can also be a decoration.

They will be surprised with this gift for its uniqueness. They can also use this as a diffuser by putting some scented oils on it when they are about to sleep. This is available on amazon for $15.99 only.

9. For those who need to Elevate their State of Mind.

Gifts for Parkinson's Patients

You may opt to consider them buying a set of essentials oils that they can put on their diffuser. Having a chronic disease is not easy, aside from challenging their body, it also tests their sanity. You may want them to experience aromatherapy. 

Aromatherapy is famous among women because it provides a soothing experience that elevates their state of mind. With the help of your gift, they can enjoy a moment of liberation and peace amidst the complexities of their daily life. 

The gift set includes the top six (6) essential oils: 

  • Eucalyptus
  • Lavender
  • Lemongrass
  • Sweet Orange
  • Peppermint 
  • Tea Tree.

You can get this best seller essential oils on amazon for only $9.99.

10. For those who need Encouragement in Life.

Gifts for Parkinson's Patients

Every Parkinson’s patient needs love and support. Some of them might get discouraged and lose touch with the beauty of life. If you think it’s time to be creative and get more personal with them, then photobook as gifts for Parkinson’s Patients will be perfect. Nowadays, photobooks are often underrated because of smartphones, but you have to remember that Parkinson’s patients are born way back before these technologies are widely used.  

For it to be special, you have to make customized printed photo books that can remind them of the beauty of life. You only need to choose photos and upload it on amazon printer and get it delivered to your loved one.

You can customize your photo book depending on your liking on amazon prints. 

Some ideas we can suggest are:

  • Get their photos printed from the beginning of their life until the present. Make sure you choose the best photos of them that represent their personality. Pick photos that remind them of their beautiful life.
  • Make a story from collected pictures. Start with their old photos and continue by inserting the images of their spouse, children, grandchildren, and other close family members. 
  • If you do not have any pictures of them, print anything that they are most likely to be passionate about or search for any close friend they have and include their good impressions on the photo book.

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