Gifts for Cat Owners

Best Gifts for Cat Owners

gifts for cat owners

One of the most interesting animal lovers is cat lovers. Having a cat as part of furr-mily is like having a teenage kid with mood swings. As a result, you would often wonder whether they are under magical feline spells because they easily get mesmerized with their cat’s oh-so-adorable eyes! So your journey at finding the best gifts for cat owners can be interesting.

If you want to give gifts for cat moms and cat dads who are also full of purr-sonality, we have listed unique gifts for your reference.

These cat-themed gifts we have sorted below can surely light up their day!

1. Essential Gifts for Cat Owners: Cat Collars.

best gifts for cat owners

Bemix Pets Cat Collars: Reflective Cat Collar with Bell | $7.84

If cats have a profession, then they could be cat ninja! We have to be careful because these cat ninjas could be either planning to gank us with their awesome roar or just like to roam around then spy on anyone. So beware!

For instance, this collar is specially created for outdoor cat ninjas to make sure that it is reflective at night! No need to worry about the comfortability of your sensitive baby since this harness is made of premium pet-safe materials!

These are the best cat collars you will find.

2. Must-Have Gifts for Cat Owners: Cat Harness with Leash.

cute gifts for cat owners

Rabbitgoo Escape Proof Harness with Leash Set for Small Cats | $14.98

For your indoor cat with an introverted personality, a harness with a leash can help them be confident and brave in exploring the world with you by their side.

Furthermore, you do not need to worry about the comfortability of your sensitive baby since this harness is made of premium pet-safe materials. Let the world be the place of adventure for your cat!

3. Trendy Fashion Cat-Themed Gifts for Cat Lovers.

cat costume

Mikayoo Pet Cat Costumes | $13.99

As a staged cat mom and stage cat dad, supporting your cats in their fashion career to conquer the stage is possible with this adorable cowboy costume.

Just imagine that smug and annoyed face of theirs, it would be hilarious! All attention will be on your lovely pet and prepare yourself! Your lovely feline will receive a lot of photo requests! They can also use this for another time since the fabric used is washable!

Cat costumes are surely the purrfect gifts for your cat owners whose obsession with cats is dominating.

4. Fun Playhouse and Cat Tree.

cat tree

Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree | $69.99

This gift helps your friend’s cats to sleep without being disturbed especially if they live in a peaceful and spacious condo. Additionally, this Cat Tree is made of very sturdy compressed wood and is covered in a high-quality faux fur finish to keep their cats warm and comfortable. In other words, the natural sisal rope covers several scratching posts, making it ideal for your cats to scratch, climb, and play.

Hence, their pet will probably like having an own area where they can relax and play in. Your sluggish feline can become more involved and active which is good for their health. Most importantly, it is strong enough to entertain their cat with hours of playtime.

5. Cat Themed Accessories for bereaved Cat Parents.

keepsake moon cat necklace

Keepsake Moon Cat Necklace | $16.99

This is a perfect gift for cat parents who just lost their beloved pet. Similarly, cats are families, and losing them is painful as losing your child. Hence, you may comfort your friend with a stunning and dainty moon cat design urn necklace. Let them feel more connected with their feline friend. They can fill it with a small amount of ashes or any little things worthy to be cherished and remembered. 

Briefly, the kit contains adorable cat necklaces and will be packaged in a jewelry box with a velvet bag, making it ideal as a present to your family or best friend.

6. Squishy Silicone Lamp-Tap for Cat Parents.

cat lamp sleep companion

LED Color Changing Animal Portable Squishy Silicone Lamp-Tap Control | $16.99

This is a perfect gift for young cat owners.

This cat-inspired cute lamp is suitable for little boys and girls who need a sleep companion because it has a surprisingly warm and squishy feel to it, and children can enjoy holding it to sleep.

The lamp has six (6) color breathing modes, including dim/bright, warm bright, and revolving mode, and seven (7) color rotating modes.

7. Doodling for Cat People

doodling for at people

50 inspiring doodle prompts and creative exercises for Cat lovers | Library Binding – $71.82 , Paperback – $6.78

This gift is perfect to unleash the artistic talent of your cat lover friend. This will also pique the interest of cat owners and will encourage them to create, explore, and ponder new ways to sketch and doodle their favorite felines in a unique and special art style.

This doodling book is great for all ages and is made to uplift everyone. Undeniably, the illustrations and drawings are simple and easy to understand. Surely the perfect gift for casual doodling!

8. Office Gifts for Cat Owners

cute gifts for cat owners

Office Gift for Cat Lovers | Cute Cat Office Supplies | $17.99

Is your crazy cat lover friend starting a new job? Then surprise them with this hilarious office starter kit. The kit includes a flipbook so they can show off their inner cat personality by displaying moods, status, and jokes! 

In any case, finish it off with cat-shaped paper clips to show that they are not all roaming around! Then use the purr-ty sticky notes to remind them to go get some more cat treats! This is indeed the time to let out that personality in the office!

9. For Plant and Cat Lovers

cute gifts for cat owners and plant lovers

3 PCS Set Cute Cat Shaped Ceramic with 3 Tier Bamboo Treetop | $25.99

Any cat and plant lovers would love this adorable gift! It’s a perfect present for your friends who like gardening or cats. Their home will also be extra fantastic and their cat-obsessed heart will be delighted!

Material: Ceramic and Bamboo;

Package Include:

  • 3 PCS Cat Pots;
  • 1 PCS Treetop Bamboo Stand;
  • 1 PCS Screwdriver; 
  • 5 PCS Screws.

10. Ceramic Cat Mug for Cat Lovers 

cute gifts for cat lovers and coffee lovers

Cute 3D Cat Ceramic Coffee Tea Mug with Stirring Spoon and Lid | $18.99

This is absolutely the perfect combination of cute and creative gifts for cat owners who love coffees. If you are looking for a unique present, then this mug is a great choice for cat moms or dads. Just remind them to be careful not to let their OG babies break it! 

The package includes an unusual combination of: 

  • Mug
  • Lid
  • Spoon.

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