The Tishman Review is permanently closed to submissions. Our last issue will be published in October of 2019.

General Submission Information

  • The Tishman Review pays all of our text contributors according to the genre.
  • Poems are paid on a sliding scale between $10 and $25 per poem.
  • Creative nonfiction and fiction is paid a minimum of $10 for a piece under 1000 words and for a piece over 1000 words at .01 cents per word. While we realize this is a small payment, our hope is (with continued support and growth) to be able to increase the amount we pay.
  • Contributors receive one complimentary print copy if mailed to a U.S. address and an ebook of the issue they appear in.
  • Contributors can order print copies sent to one U.S. address at a discount. International contributors may request a quote for print copies at a discount that are shipped to one address.
  • Contributors are welcome to run a complimentary advertisement in one issue of their latest book publication.
  • We buy First Electronic Publication Rights, Non-exclusive print-on-demand rights to the work in the issue the work first appears in, and Archival rights only in the form the work first appears in The Tishman Review, with the copyright reverting back to the author upon publication.
  • We do not buy the right to publish the work in an anthology or a different issue. We reserve the right to keep any work we publish.
  • Should a piece first published in The Tishman Review be reprinted in another work, we request the later publication include an acknowledgment of The Tishman Review.