An Excerpt: From the Foreword of The Tishman Review 1.4

By Ani Kazarian


I recently watched a movie—I know, I should have been reading, or writing, instead—Words and Pictures. The protagonists are an art teacher and an English teacher at an elite prep school who wage a playful war between art and literature: “Words Against Pictures.” Which expresses more truth? More beauty? More precisely? Which can do what the other cannot? Which is  more important?

I had never thought of one against the other, or placed a specific value on either. What I’ve found is that many writers are artists and artists are writers. We are together on the same path, constantly seeking ways of expressing our particular perspectives within this place and time in light of our histories and in anticipation of our futures.

I read art in the same way that I read poetry and literature. In each of these we find the universality of expressions, the language of our innermost shifts and, if we’re lucky, we lose the weight of ourselves and join a timeless dialogue. While a poem can stand alone, and an image can speak for itself, together they hold different possibilities.

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