Our Nominees for 2015 Best of the Net

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We at The Tishman Review do not take lightly the privilege of publishing the work of the many great writers who honor us with submissions. Nor are we unlike proud parents when given the opportunity to parade them before you and let their best work shine.

This year, Tishman editors ask you to join with us in a high-five, thumbs-up, pat-on-the-back celebration of these our nominees for Sundress Publications’ 2015 Best of the Net.


Nicola Waldron’s “In Syracuse”

Jayne Guertin’s “Devotion”


Ani Kazarian’s “Of Books and Stones”

Lee L. Krecklow’s “The Son of Summer and Eli”


Elizabeth Weaver’s “Communion”

J. Adam Collins’s “To Float”

Liza Allen’s “Numbers”

Matthew Lippman’s “Of Ourselves Completely Naked”

Lisa C. Krueger’s “Agapanthus”

Tom Holmes’s “Arriving at the Upper Jay”



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