Mini-Contests Are Here!

We thought it’d be fun to host mini-contests for each issue, beginning with our July issue: Staff favorite and Readers’ favorite.

All regular accepted contributors published in an issue will be automatically entered in the mini-contests, but not entrants in one of our major genre contests (such as The Tishman Review’s Edna St Vincent Millay Poetry Prize).

Readers can vote for their favorite work in the following categories: Poem, Creative Nonfiction, Prose Under 1,000 Words, Short Story, and Interior Art using our website poll. Staff will be voting internally. Votes will be accepted for one week. The top vote-getting work in each category will be declared the winner. The winners will be announced the day following the close of the poll on the website. You’ll have to check back to see.

Winners will receive their cash prize along with their contributor payment and contributor copy. You may vote once per day (all rules are listed with the poll) in however many categories you choose.

Cash prizes will be awarded as follows:

Poem 15$

Creative Nonfiction 20$

Prose Under 1,000 Words 10$                                             Contest Winners

Short Story 25$

Interior Art 10$


Good luck to our contributors! May the force be with you.

Submit your votes here.

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