Previously Unpublished Work Only!

We don’t publish previously published work in The Tishman Review. As for pieces posted on a blog or any kind of social media, we consider something unpublished if it has less than 200 views and if it has been removed from the site(s) upon submission.

Recently, we had a situation that has left us feeling a tad singed. Can you see the smoke curling in tendrils off the tips of our fingers as we type this out?

A writer submitted a piece in early May that was published in an online journal on June 10th. Our editor declined this piece on June 8th, but offered feedback. She also told the author they could revise the work and send it to us at our email (to avoid a further sub fee) for additional consideration.

On June 15th (remember the piece was published on the 10th ) the author sent the piece in again : “Thank you for taking the time to read my XXX and offer your feedback. I have taken your suggestions into consideration and attached is a revised draft of XXXXX. I hope you will reconsider publishing it.”

On June 19th, our editor accepted this piece for publication in The Tishman Review.

Fortunately for us, we have our contributors sign contracts. This author refused to sign the contract, with the excuse that they’d decided to send it to a contest and that contest didn’t accept previously published work.

We Googled this author, now considering them to be breaching a code of ethics in the literary world and discovered the piece had already been published.

We were bamboozled, Batman! Joker pulled one over on us.

At this time, we don’t consider previously published work of any kind. Now, we will all be checking to see if a piece has been previously published like hawks looking for mice in a wide field.

There are magazines who do consider previously published work, but we are not one of them.


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