A Bit of History


I was born in Detroit, Michigan to a beautiful mother who taught me to love books and art and to a handsome father who taught me to love making things that endure and bring enjoyment to others. I have wanted to be a writer since I read Charlotte’s Web when I was six years old. Life took me in another direction and I ended up as a social worker in a correctional facility for substance abusers. After I became a hippie mother to two delightful boys and a gorgeous girl, I stayed home and grew vegetables, baked bread, sewed clothes and taught my children. During all of this, I was the office end of my husband’s landscape installation/snow removal company. On the morning I woke up and found myself to be thirty-five, I decided I did not want to kick the bucket without seeing if I could, one day, become a writer. It has been hard work and some of the years, life did not let me write. When the economic crash destroyed our business and I became unemployed, I decided to go to MFA land and just do it. There’s not much else (other than my loved ones and my misfit pets) that makes me as happy as reading or writing a good story. Send me your story. I am waiting to love it.

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